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Puppies!  How we raise them and why

Three French Bullgod Puppies

Raising them Right

Our little ones stay with us until they are 9 1/2 weeks old.   Yes, that is longer than many keep their new babies with Moms.  That time allows time for  development in many critical areas for future health and  happiness. A win-win  for your new family addition and your family. .

Socializing : Benefits

By staying longer with their Moms and their pack, they learn certain lessons on pack order,  learning to interact, who to follow and how to  handle new situations.

Child with Dog

2  Vaccinations are given at 6 weeks and 9 weeks, to get a good start on their immune system development

Immune System : Protection

It takes a series of timed vaccinations for the puppy's immune system to develop to protect this little one from deadly diseases.  The first vaccine  is given  at 6 weeks of age and the second vaccine is at 9 weeks.

Having 2 sets of vaccines before heading out into the world increases their protection against these diseases. These include Parvo virus, Distemper Virus, Corona Viruse Adeno virus. and  Parainfluenza

Early Puppy Care:

Our puppies  area raised in our home under supervision for both Mom and babies. All are handled daily,making sure they are growing well, eating well, developing on schedule, hitting developmental markers just like human infants.. Temperature is monitored for their comfort for ideal development and growth.​Once they begin on solid foods, the food type is modified as their systems needs change.​They are always on good footing, have comfortable sleeping areas, elimination area once needed, and  access to food and water always.  Their needs are always met.


Going to their new homes:

When it comes to travel to their new homes. our preference is for the new family to travel to us. That allows the new family to meet their new little one, get to kow them, know what they are used to , their likes, their personality, how they like to play. It allows the puppy time to get to know their new  family, to feel comfortable in their new surroundings once they go home. It won't be shock to the system for either the new family or the new little addition.

This process allows us to explain, answer questions. go over feeding, diet choices, toy choices, ways to play and not to play with Frenchies, vaccines given, vaccine schedule, answer Frenchie health questions  and the products that go home to make the transition easier. These products include heartworm prevention, flea and tick prevention,  next  preventative wormings , healthy ear cleaning product for routine cleaning, shampoo easy on their coat, foods they are used to eating  and more.

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