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Laurie Kaski-Hammar DVM

  "Everyone loves a puppy. The excitement of adding a new puppy to your       family  can get in the way of doing your homework, research and asking       the hard questions. Time spent now may save heartache later on."            

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Two French Bulldogs

This is a breed that has loads of personality, cuteness factor, lovability, yet as true  with most purebreds, this breed has certain diseases, health conditions and  congenital defects that a new owner, you, would want to be sure and understand prior to  caring for one.

Some of the issues are inherent in the breed  due to their build,  being short compact, thick and  flat faced.  Those issues associated to these body traits  will be there to a degree. We accept that when we add them to our family

By choosing for heathier traits, less severe issues associatied with build and conformation, gentically weeding out certain diseases, while still maintaining a Frenchie build, we work towards our goal.  Our goal is to produce little ones what have fewer health concerns as they go through life. A win for all.

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